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Matching Letters to Consonant & Vowel Sounds— Let's Practise!

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Basics on the topic Matching Letters to Consonant & Vowel Sounds— Let's Practise!

Join Goopaw and see if you can match the letters to the sounds they make!

Matching Letters to Consonant & Vowel Sounds— Let's Practise! exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Matching Letters to Consonant & Vowel Sounds— Let's Practise!.
  • Find the letter.


    A word that uses the s sound is sat.

    A word that uses the h sound is him.

    A word that uses the f sound is fix.

    A word that uses the a sound is am.

    • S makes the /s/ sound.
    • A makes the /a/ sound.
    • F makes the /f/ sound.
    • H makes the /h/ sound.
  • Which word has the i sound?


    Sound out the word: pig. What sound does /i/ make?

    The pig is pink.

    There are two words in this sentence that have the i sound. Can you find another word to place in the gap?


    The correct answer is big.

    • /i/ makes the short i sound in pig and in big.
  • Can you find the missing sound?


    Sound out each word, which letter is missing?

    For example, if we were solving this question p _ n. We would sound out the word.


    We can see that it is the e that is missing so we can fill in e: pen.

    • dog. The o was missing.
    • frog. The r was missing.
    • cat. The c was missing.
    • hen. The n was missing.
  • Can you complete the captions?


    Here is an example:

    • (u or a) C_n we go to the park?
    • The answer is a.
    • Can we go to the park?

    Here is another example:

    • (m or x) I am si_.
    • The answer is x.
    • I am six.
    • A hot dog. The missing sound was h.
    • A pig in the mud. The missing sound was m.
    • The cat sat. The missing sounds were both t.
  • Can you find the initial sound for each of these words?


    Which sound do you hear at the beginning of the word?

    Here is an example:

    Pet starts with p.

    • The word tree starts with t.
    • The word elephant starts with e.
    • The word pizza starts with p.
  • Can you spell the words?


    Sound out each word:

    • which sound comes first?
    • which sound comes in the middle?
    • which sound comes at the end?

    Each word has 3 letters.

    1. Something you wear on your head.
    2. Something you cook food in.
    3. A part of your body used for walking.
    4. You can turn it on and water comes out.
    1. hat
    2. pan
    3. leg
    4. tap