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Worksheets and mock tests for practise purposes

We offer worksheets to print out for all school subjects, for all year groups– including the solutions. You can practise applying your knowledge, and prepare for class tests in a structured way. This way, you can go to your mock class tests without feeling pressure and demonstrate your skills.

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Worksheets are included in every Premium membership.

Try it for 30 Days

Worksheets are included in every Premium membership.

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How to go to every mock class test feeling relaxed
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    Comprehensive learning units

    Whether for a mock test or just for fun – our worksheets allow you to review topics from all school subjects in a structured way and at your own pace. Simply print out the relevant worksheet and reinforce your knowledge.

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    Fully prepared

    Do you get nervous before a test? If so, rehearse with our mock tests. Work on the tasks under the same conditions as the real test. This will give you the confidence you need and is a great way to prepare.

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    Easy to check

    The solution sheets allow you to check your answers yourself. Did you make a mistake? No problem, just watch the video on the topic and learn from your mistakes. This way, you can excel at school with your knowledge.

Together with the videos, this creates a complete learning unit.

Show what you can do – say goodbye to being stressed and nervous!
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