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Alternative Pronunciation y (I)

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Basics on the topic Alternative Pronunciation y (I)

Sometimes the letter y can work as a vowel sound, like when it is at the end of words such as 'cry' or 'why'. Learn more in this video.

Transcript Alternative Pronunciation y (I)

Dee, Kala and their friend, , are at the fair being silly in the Hall of Mirrors. When Dee stands in front of his mirror, he looks like a long bendy noodle. When Kala stands in front of her mirror, she looks really round and oh-so fluffy. But, when stands in front of its mirror, it looks like ?! Wait a minute! How could this be?! Let's introduce Dee and Kala to "Alternative Pronunciations: ". You may already know that the letter is a consonant and makes the sound /Y/ as in yawn, yellow, or yo-yo! You may also remember that vowels are the letters , , , , and . The letter is a consonant, but did you know, it can sometimes act as a vowel? acts as a vowel when there is no other vowel in the syllable by making a vowel sound. When comes at the end of a one-syllable word, it says like in the words cry, fly, and dry. Let’s say one together: cry . Now that we know when can say , let's have a look at some words with the letter in and decide if it is making a /Y/ sound or an sound. The first word is sky. What sound does make in sky? makes the sound! It follows the consonant at the end of a one-syllable word! Let's try the word yak now. What sound does make in yak? makes the /Y/ sound! It is a consonant at the beginning of the word and the vowel is there too! How about the word why? What sound does make here? makes the sound! It follows the consonant at the end of a one-syllable word! As Dee, Kala and their friend start to leave the hall of mirrors, let's remember! Today we learnt that the letter can act as a vowel in some words. When the letter comes at the end of a one-syllable word it no longer says /Y/, instead it says ! Let's say it together one more time: cry . "Those mirrors were so funny!" "I can't believe what we looked like!" "Wait, where's ?" "Uh, Dee. Why is this happening again?"