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Decoding: Stretch out the Word

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Basics on the topic Decoding: Stretch out the Word

Join Dee and Kala and develop your reading skills.

Decoding: Stretch out the Word exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Decoding: Stretch out the Word.
  • Match the word you hear to the word you read.

    • Slow down
    • Sound out each letter

    What is the first sound you hear? Find that sound at the beginning of the word.


    You can stretch out a word to help you when reading a word you do not know.

  • Match the word you hear to the correct text.


    Look at the written word and stretch out the sounds.

    What sounds do you hear?

    Blend the sounds to say the word.

    • c o t --> cot
    • s l ee p --> sleep
    • s w i m --> swim
    • p l a n --> plan
  • What is the missing word?


    Listen carefully to the sounds in the sentence, what can you hear?

    What is Kala holding? What sound does that begin with?


    Kala has a book.

  • Assign each sentence to the matching audio.


    First of all, is the sentence about a cat or a dog?

    Next, listen carefully to the last word in the sentence? What does it start with?


    Stretching out a word can help you figure out words you don't know when reading.

    • The cat can j u m p. --> The cat can jump.
    • The dog can r u n. --> The dog can run.
    • The dog can s i t. --> The dog can sit.
    • The cat can s l ee p. --> The cat can sleep.

  • Decode the word by stretching it out.


    Sound out each letter.

    Try to say the sounds a bit faster

    Blend the sounds together to say the word.


    The correct choice is pat.

  • Match the sentence you read to the sentence you hear.


    What word do you hear when you stretch out the word?

    • Use the picture to help you decode the word.
    • What is this a picture of? A monkey.

    What word do you hear when you stretch out the word?

    Listen carefully to all of the words. As you listen, read the sentence and check if it is the same.


    The monkey went to sleep.