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Nurture a love of Reading with interactive books

Interactive books

Interactive books promote children’s active listening and comprehension skills at the same time with the help of a native narrator. The animated pages, the fun reading activities and games make reading even more joyful for kids while they boost their vocabulary and imagination. Stories also come with tools like dyslexia font and explanations to make reading even more accessible.

With continued practice, students can see notable improvements on reading comprehension tests by up to 20%.

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Our interactive books help children learn to love to read
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    Stories for every learning level

    Our library comes with stories at different levels so children of all learning abilities can develop and improve their reading, listening and comprehension skill.

    The highlighted text guides the reader's attention to the words being read while keeping a comfortable pace with the narrator without getting lost or confused.

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    Spark interest in reading

    It's shown that children who develop strong reading skills earlier in life perform better in school and have a healther self-image.

    To help foster interest, different books cover a variety of subjects and topics guaranteed to engage children, from short stories and classic tales, to various areas of science and history.

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    Make reading comprehension fun

    Children are more likely to recall and understand content when comprehension questions are made interesting, easy to grasp, and age-relevant.

    Each book comes with fun educational games, quizzes, and other activities that offer encouraging feedback that motivates readers.

Once you’ve read the books, you can put your knowledge to the test by completing the quiz.

Take a joyful approach to reading!
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