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Key Ideas: Illustrations

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Basics on the topic Key Ideas: Illustrations

Join Otis and Pearl and find out how we can use illustrations to help us learn more in information texts.

Key Ideas: Illustrations exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Key Ideas: Illustrations.
  • What are illustrations?


    Here is an example of a list:

    • cake
    • cheese
    • plums
    • hats
    • pop

    Here is an example of illustrations in a book.


    As we can see from the image above, the illustration is a drawing or picture.

  • Can you help Pearl connect the phrases?


    When we read, we mix information from the text and illustrations to help us understand the key idea.

    Here is an example of text.

    • Pictures or drawings in a text are called illustrations.
    • Writing on a page is also called text.
    • What the text is mostly about is the key idea.
    • Words and pictures both give us information.
  • Look at this picture. What does it tell you?


    Pictures and drawings can show us the key idea.

    The arrows are showing you that something turns into something else.


    This shows me that caterpillars turn into butterflies.

  • What does this illustration tell you?


    Think of what the two animals may be doing with the jam.

    The bear is smiling and the rabbit has two jars of jam. Do you think this means they like jam?

    Looking at the sky in the illustration, what time of day is it?

    What colour is the jam?


    Looking at the illustration, it shows me that:

    • two animals are selling jam.
    • the rabbit and and the bear like jam.
  • Choose the illustration to match the book title.


    An illustration gives us information.

    The title is about animals.

    Which illustration is giving us information about the animals in the title of the book?


    This image shows cats and dogs and gives us information about what they look like.

  • What does this illustration in the newspaper tell us?


    Look at the illustration and read the text to find the key idea.

    What do you think the text will mostly be about?

    Even though some of the options may be true, only one is the key idea.


    Looking at the whole illustration and information in the text, we can say that the key idea is:

    The dog saved the cat from the tree.