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Advanced Digital Text Features

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Basics on the topic Advanced Digital Text Features

Here you will learn about digital text features. These are useful to know when researching using the internet and looking at websites. What are hyperlinks and how do we use them? Find out more in the video.

Transcript Advanced Digital Text Features

Today, Otis and Pearl are learning about different features on websites so they can research their favourite animals, sea lions. Let's join in with them and learn about digital text features and search tools. When using the internet to find something specific, we use keywords to search for it. Keywords are specific words or phrases about a topic that we type into a search bar on a website. Keywords also help us find what we are looking for on a search engine, which is a website used to search the entire internet. For example, Otis and Pearl want to search for sea lions! When we search using keywords, search engines will show us a list of websites that match those keywords. Otis and Pearl will click on this first website! Search bars can also appear on websites, and they will usually show you webpages on the website that relate to, or contain, the keywords you search for. Keywords can also be found within the text on the websites themselves. Let's take a closer look! In this example of a digital text, you may notice there is a keyword that is in a different colour. Moving the cursor above the keyword can sometimes give a definition box. Sometimes, clicking the keyword takes you to another page that gives you even more information. Another feature you may come across in digital texts is a sidebar. Sidebars are boxes on the side of a webpage that contain additional information related to the main text. A sidebar is useful for quick and easy-to-find information. This sidebar has a video to help us understand the main text better, and also some pictures to help visualise what we are reading about. We can also see some facts about sea lions! This is why you should always check out the sidebar if the webpage has one. Finally, we have a feature called a hyperlink. Hyperlinks are clickable words on the page that you can click on to take you to a different page on the same website, or even to an entirely different website. They are usually highlighted in a different colour, just like keywords. If you are ever unsure if a hyperlink is safe to click, always check with a teacher or trusted adult first. Clicking on a hyperlink usually takes you to a new webpage where you can learn more about that topic. It's like a shortcut to find more information! While Otis and Pearl finish learning about digital text features, let's review. Today, we learned about keywords, sidebars and hyperlinks. Keywords can help you search for information, and are often highlighted on webpages. Sidebars contain additional information related to, but besides, the main text. Hyperlinks are clickable words that take you to another webpage or a new website. "Hey Pearl! This page has a video of a sea lion!" "Press play, Otis! Let's watch it!"

Advanced Digital Text Features exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Advanced Digital Text Features.
  • What do these words mean?


    Sidebars are usually on the side of a website.

    Hyperlinks are words you can click on.

    Keywords help us search for things on the internet.


    Hyperlink - Words on the page that you can click to take you to a different page on the same website, or to a different website.

    Sidebar - Contains additional information related to the main text, usually to the side.

    Keywords - Specific words or phrases about a topic that we type into a search bar on a website.

    Digital Text Features - Text features that are in an online format.

  • What are these features called?


    Keywords on websites are usually highlighted in a different colour to the rest of the text.

    Sidebars can contain additional information, like pictures or videos.

    Hyperlinks usually show up in blue text, underlined, or both on websites


    Here are the correct answers.

  • Identify the digital text feature.


    Think about the digital text features you have learnt about today; keywords, sidebars and hyperlinks.

    Pearl clicked on a link that took her to another website.


    Pearl clicked on a hyperlink.

  • How do you stay safe online?


    If you are ever unsure of something online, you should always talk or check with someone first.

    The best people to check with are trusted adults or teachers.


    If Otis is unsure about a hyperlink, he should check with a trustworthy adult or teacher before clicking it.

  • Identify the digital text feature.


    Hyperlinks take you to other pages. Is this what Otis did?

    Where did Otis find the video?

    The video was at the side.


    Otis was using a sidebar. A sidebar is found at the side of the main text and provides us with additional information which can be videos.

  • Which digital text feature is being talked about in each scenario?


    Digital text features include keywords, hyperlinks and sidebars found on the internet.

    Keywords are important to helping us find things online.

    Sidebars often contain more information or media related to the topic.

    Hyperlinks allow you to go to another website for more information.


    Digital Text Features: When browsing, Otis and Pearl saw a lot of different things. Otis pointed out a hyperlink and a sidebar, while Pearl identified a keyword. They noticed a lot of different features whilst browsing.

    Keywords: Before going to the website they wanted to browse, Otis and Pearl decided to use a search engine to type in some special words to help them find exactly what they were looking for.

    Sidebar: Pearl finished reading the main text on a website, so she instead looked next to the text to view some videos for a little while. She also looked at some photos of sea lions that were under the video.

    Hyperlink: Otis was browsing a website, and when he was finished reading, he wanted to know more information. Otis noticed a word that he could click on, so he clicked on it. This took him to another website where he learnt more information.