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The Number 4

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Basics on the topic The Number 4

The Number 4

In this Video on the number 4 Skylar and Henry explore facts about the number 4. They learn how to spell the number 4, look at a picture of the number 4, and explore what does the number 4 mean. Take a look below to learn more about 4 the number.

What Does the Number 4 Mean?

Let’s learn all about the number four and how to write it with the following explanation. When someone talks about the number four, they are talking about the number of things that you have. The number 4 means that there are four items in a group!

Tracing the Number 4

To WRITE the number four, we need to start at the very top line, make a small line to the middle, drag your pencil along the middle line just a little, then close it off by drawing a straight line across the to the bottom. Can you write the number 4 with the video?

How do you spell the number four? You can spell the number four F O U R!

What is the number 4- Summary

Today we learnt all about the number four, how to write the number four, and groups of objects that represent the number four. We looked at images of the number four, and even traced it!

Have you practised yet? On this website, you can also find worksheets and exercises after the video so that you can say, “ I can show the number 4!”.

Transcript The Number 4

Let's make room for "The Number FOUR" "What's the number FOUR anyway?" Today we will learn about the number FOUR. When someone says there are FOUR things, they are talking about the number of objects. "Like my FOUR seasons poster?" "Or the FOUR wheels on my bike?" That's right, Skylar and Henry. Those are GREAT examples of the number FOUR. Can you see any other examples of the number FOUR in Henry and Skylar's room? There are FOUR legs on each of our teddies! Is there another example of the number FOUR? The number FOUR is on the clock! What does the number FOUR look like?

Skylar and Henry both have the number FOUR on their tee-shirts! How do you WRITE the number four? To WRITE the number four, we need to start at the very top line, make a small line to the middle.. and drag your pencil along the middle line just a little. Then, finish it off by drawing a small, straight line to the bottom like this. Let's practice drawing the number four! Put your finger in the air and trace it with us! Now THAT is a great looking four, thanks for helping! Can you do FOUR star jumps? Let's do star jumps together, ready, go! One, three ! Today we learnt all about the number FOUR. We learnt about objects in sets of FOUR, the number FOUR, and how to write FOUR! Up for a challenge? Watch this video again and see if you can find the FOUR mugs, FOUR stools, and the FOURth day of the FOURth month hidden in the room! Comment below when you find them! If you want to learn more, check out the next number the number FIVE!

The Number 4 exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video The Number 4.
  • Writing the number 4.


    Remember, the number four starts at the very top line and goes all the way to the bottom line.

    Write the number four in the air to help you.


    The number four is written like this. It starts at the top line, has a small line in the middle, and is closed off with another straight line from the top to the bottom.

  • Representing 4.


    Remember, we are showing how to count to 4.

    Start at 1 and count up to 4 out loud. Then, fill in the numbers in the correct order.


    When we write numbers up to 4, we start at the beginning: 1, 2, 3, 4.

  • Find the 4.


    Only count the fingers that are long. Count 1, 2, 3, 4.

    Make the number four on your fingers. Which picture does it match?


    This hand is showing four fingers. One, two, three, four. Make this on your hand to see a matching four.

  • What does 4 look like?


    Remember, the number 4 is represented by four objects, or four things. It can also be represented in written form.

    Count the objects to make sure there are 4. 1, 2, 3, 4.

    Remember, you are looking for 4. Here are 4 pens.


    The number four is represented in images, as the numeral, and in words.

  • Highlight the example of the number 4.


    Remember, look for the ice cream that represents 4.

    Touch and count the scoops on each ice cream out loud.


    This ice cream has 4 scoops. It shows 4!

  • Identify ways that show 4.


    Remember, the number 4 is represented by 4 objects. Which pictures show 4 objects?

    4 can also be represented by the numeral on something, such as a clock.

    • There are 4 cups.
    • There are 4 counters on the grid.
    • The clocks shows 4 to show the time.
    • The ruler shows 4 to show a measurement.