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The Number 10

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Basics on the topic The Number 10

Join Skylar and Henry and learn all about the number 10!

The Number 10 exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video The Number 10.
  • Which is number ten?


    Remember, ten is made up of two digits.

    Can you find ten on this number line? What does it look like?


    This is the number 10!

    We write a 1 first, then a 0 to make 10.

  • Can you find all of the examples of ten?


    Look for places where 10 is written, as well as groups of 10.

    Count groups of objects carefully, making sure there are ten like these 10 bees.


    Here we can see the examples of 10 highlighted in yellow. They are:

    • Skylar and Henry's t-shirts that have 10 and ten written on them.
    • The handprint picture that shows 10 fingers.
    • The vase with 10 flowers in it.
    • The calendar showing 10.
    • The clock showing 10:10.
    • The 10 building blocks on the shelves.
    There are 8 crayons and 9 toy cars.

  • Which ones show 10?


    Count the objects carefully to make sure there are 10.

    Use this image to help you.


    Here we can see all of the images that show 10.

  • Can you launch the rocket?


    Look at the numbers already filled in. Which numbers come before or after them?

    Look at this number line counting forwards. Can you use it to help you complete the number line counting backwards?


    The correct order when counting backwards from 10 is:

    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! Blast off!

  • Making pairs.


    Count the spots carefully to find out how many there are. For example, here we would count 1...2...3!

    Here is a number line to 10 to remind you of the numbers in the correct order.


    Here we can see the spots matched to the correct numbers.

  • Can you assign the pictures correctly?


    Which sound does each of the number words start with? Look for that to match the words to the numbers.

    Carefully count the pictures to find the total. For example, if we were counting these spots we would count them: 1...2...3...4...5...6...7!


    Here we can see the correct answers.