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Understanding Setting From Illustrations and Words

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Basics on the topic Understanding Setting From Illustrations and Words

Join Ari and Zayd and learn about how pictures help us to identify where stories are set.

Transcript Understanding Setting From Illustrations and Words

"The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, Zayd isn't here, wait, Zayd isn't here! Where could he have gone? Wait, there's a note! Catch me if you can! Use these selfies to find out where I am. But where did he take this selfie?" Let's use the images from selfies to help Ari find Zayd by learning about understanding setting from illustrations. You might already know that a setting is when, where and even what time a story takes place and that a setting can change during a story. When reading a story, we get a lot of information from the author, but did you know that we also get a lot of information from the illustrator? The illustrator can give us additional information that isn’t mentioned in the story through drawing detailed pictures. How do the pictures help us to understand the story better and learn more information? Pictures can tell us about the setting of a story! When trying to identify, or find the setting of a story, look for the environment, the time or even the season in the picture. Let's take a look at the first selfie Zayd took to help Ari. "Up and down, left and right, will I be in your sight? Hm, where could Zayd be hiding?" Can you work out the setting of the first selfie? First, take a look at the picture. Then, try to find when, where, the time or even season that the picture shows. What do you notice about the setting in this selfie? It shows a sink, an oven and apples in a bowl. These are things we would find in a kitchen which means this selfie is in the kitchen! "Another selfie with a note! You're warm but not hot, so come and find me in a comfy spot!" Take a look at the setting in the next selfie from Zayd. We can see Zayd next to a bed and a chest of drawers, there is also a clock on the wall that says quarter to four. Can you tell what the setting of this selfie is? There are two clues in this selfie that show the setting! The setting here is Zayd's bedroom and it's also the time, quarter to four. I wonder if Ari has found Zayd yet, let's find out! "Not in the bedroom either a-ha! Another selfie with a note! Not here, not there, can you find me anywhere?" What is the setting in this selfie that Zayd took? We can see Zayd in front of a window, and through the window we see a tree with orange leaves. That means that the setting in this selfie is during autumn! Whilst Ari tries to find Zayd one last time, let's remember. Today we learnt about understanding setting from illustrations. A setting can be the place, season or even time that a story takes place and a setting can change during a story. We also learnt that you can identify, or find the setting by looking at the pictures and using the clues that illustrators give you. Now, did Ari ever find Zayd? "Where could Zayd be? Wait a second, you were behind me all this time!" "Bingo!"

Understanding Setting From Illustrations and Words exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Understanding Setting From Illustrations and Words.
  • What is the setting of this picture?


    Look for clues in the picture that show you what the setting is.

    Look at the sun in the picture. Is it day or night time?

    Look at what the characters are wearing in the picture. Are they warm or cold?


    This picture shows the setting of the beach in the summer. The characters are wearing their swimming costumes and are sitting in the sand by the sea.

  • What time of day does each setting show?


    Look at the pictures of the sky. This will give you a clue about whether it is daytime or night-time.

    At sunset, the sky changes to many different colours.

    In the morning, it sometimes looks like the sun is rising up from the hills.

    • Day: The sun is out and the sky is still bright so it is daytime.
    • Sunset: The sky is a purple and orange colour because the sun is setting.
    • Night: It is dark and you can only see the girl in the streetlight.
    • Morning: The sun is rising on a farm.
  • What is the setting of these pictures?


    Look at the time, place and even season to determine the setting.

    Check to see if the sky shows you what time of day it is.

    In one picture there is a hopscotch. Where would this often be found?

    • The desert: There are some sandy dunes and nothing else can be seen in the picture.
    • The amusement park at night: The sky is dark and the picture shows two characters on a roller coaster.
    • The park during the day: There is concrete and trees, two characters are playing hopscotch together and the sky is bright.
    • The kitchen: There is a cooker and the two characters are baking biscuits together.
  • What is the same and what is different in each setting?


    It is night-time in both settings.

    In one picture the characters are by tall buildings and in the other they are in a field by a forest.



    • The time of day is night-time in both settings.
    • The main characters are Zayd the dragon and Ari the rabbit in both settings.
    • The place is different because one setting is in the city and one is in the forest.
    • What the characters are doing is different because in one Zayd and Ari are having a picnic and in the other they are not.

  • Which image shows the setting of a bedroom?


    A bedroom usually has a place to sleep.

    A bedroom is found indoors.


    This image shows the setting of a bedroom because there is a bed and someone waking up.

  • Choose the setting that best matches the description.


    Which image shows daytime?

    Look for the image that shows the leaves on the trees that have changed colour for the autumn.


    In this setting, there is an old house outside, the trees are changing different colours because it is autumn and it is daytime because it is still light outside.