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Basics on the topic Synonyms

Join Dee and Kala and find out how we can improve our writing by choosing different vocabulary.

Synonyms exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Synonyms.
  • Which words have the same or similar meaning?


    Bright means clever. Which other word has the same meaning as clever?

    Grumpy is a negative feeling. Which other word is a negative mood or feeling?


    The pairs of synonyms are:

    • kind & friendly
    • funny & comical
    • grumpy & unhappy
    • intelligent & bright
  • Which words mean the same thing?


    When something is deafening, it means that it has a very high volume of sound.

    One of these words does not link to the volume of a sound.


    The three words with the same or similar meaning are:

    • noisy, loud and deafening.
    • The odd one out is angry, since this is not to do with the sound level of something.

  • Choose the words with the same meaning.


    Someone who is thoughtful can also be described as considerate. Can you see which two words these link to?

    When something is mentioned, it is said or spoken.

    To be quiet, someone might be told, "Do not utter another word!"


    The synonyms for say are: mention and utter.

    The synonyms for think are: consider and ponder.

  • Find the synonyms.


    Three of the words are synonyms for gloomy and three of the words are synonyms for glisten.

    Gloomy is an adjective. Look for the other adjectives in the word set.

    Glisten is a verb. Look for the other verbs that are synonyms for glisten.


    This image shows the synonyms for gloomy and glisten.

  • Which other word could Dee use?


    Look at the three word options. Which could you use in place of 'scared'?

    When you are scared you might get a fright. Which word has fright within it?


    The synonym for scared is frightened.

  • Find the pairs of synonyms.


    In the first sentence, you are looking for two words that describe the sun.

    In the second sentence, one of the synoyms is heat.

    In the third sentence, look for the verbs that are used to describe how the insects move.


    That morning when I woke up, the sun was so bright, it was dazzling!

    As the glorious heat shone down, I could feel the warmth from my head down to my toes.

    The birds flew down and all the little insects came scuttling out, crawling towards the sun so that they too could be warm.