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Opinion Writing: Identifying your Opinion

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Basics on the topic Opinion Writing: Identifying your Opinion

Join Jane and Ernie and learn about opinion writing.

Transcript Opinion Writing: Identifying your Opinion

"You sure are typing up a storm there, Ernie!" "I've been asked to write an article on why deer crossings are important, but I'm having a hard time coming up with supporting reasons." "If you want, I could fly around and gather some information." "That would be great, thank you!" Let's help Ernie learn about 'opinion writing: identifying your opinion to help with his article. You might already know about facts, or bits of real information and you might also know about the word opinion, which is how you feel or think about something. We all have opinions about food that we like, activities we don’t, or TV programmes that are amazing. But what happens when someone disagrees with your opinion? It’s OK to have different opinions, but in order to try and get someone to support your opinion, you must convince them! You can be persuasive and convince the reader of your writing by using conjunctions such as 'because'. We can take a look at Ernie's first opinion to learn more. Ernie has written that we need deer crossings to keep deer safe and Jane has just flown in with a supporting reason! When deer use a deer crossing they get into fewer accidents. In order to make his opinion convincing, Ernie needs to connect his opinion with the supporting reason. To do this, he needs to start by writing his opinion. Then, he must write his reason. Finally, he can connect his reason and opinion statement with a word like because. Ernie wrote that deer crossings keep deer safe because when deer use them, they get into fewer accidents. But, his article isn't finished yet! He needs at least two more statements with reasons. Remember, first he needs to find his opinion statement. This time he wrote that deer crossings are needed to keep deer families together. Then, he must find his supporting reason. This one says: Deer families use the crossing to cross the road together at the same time. Finally, he needs to connect his reason and statement together. How can he write his statement and supporting reason? Ernie can write, 'deer crossings keep families together because the deer can cross the road at the same time'. In order to write his final part of the article, what should Ernie do first? He needs to find his opinion statement, which is, deer crossings give families more food to eat. What does he need to do next? Write his supporting reason, which is that because they have grass, many deer stop to eat when they are crossing. Finally, he can connect his opinion and statement by saying something like deer crossings give more food because they are made of grass, which many deer eat when they cross. Before we see Ernie's article, let's review. Today we learnt about identifying your opinion and supporting it with reasons. In order to do this you can start by identifying your opinion. Then, identify your supporting reason. Finally, connect the two together with words like because. Now, was Ernie's piece finished in time? "Ernie, look! Your article made the front cover!"

Opinion Writing: Identifying your Opinion exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Opinion Writing: Identifying your Opinion.
  • What is an opinion?


    Consider the difference between facts and personal feelings when choosing your answer.

    An opinion is something personal that reflects how you feel or what you think about a particular subject.

    It's not about facts or real information, but rather about your own perspective.


    An opinion is how you feel or think about something.

  • Identify Ernie's opinion.


    Look carefully at what Ernie has written here.

    Deer crossings are important to keep deer safe.

    Other options might be true, but look carefully for Ernie's opinion.


    Ernie's opinion is:

    Deer crossings are important.

  • How can you try to convince someone of your opinion in writing?


    Which word would fit in the gap?

    I like going for walks _______ I love being in nature.

    This will help you with the first gap above.

    What does the conjunction link? Your opinion with your _____ .


    You can try to convince someone of your opinion in writing by using conjunctions like because.

    When you use words like because in your writing, you're explicitly stating the reason behind your opinion, allowing the reader to understand why you feel the way you do.

  • Can you find the reasons for each opinion?


    Look for clue words in the reasons.

    Which opinion could be supported by liking the taste of something sweet?

    1. I like strawberries because they taste sweet.
    2. I think dogs are amazing because they can do cool tricks.
    3. I like flying on an aeroplane because it is amazing to see the world from above.
    4. My favourite subject is English because I love to read and write.
  • Can you complete the sentence?


    The word is a coordinating conjunction that joins the two parts of the sentence together.

    Here is an example of an opinion and supporting reason.

    My favourite colour is blue because it reminds me of the sky on a sunny day.


    "Chocolate ice cream is my favourite because it is so delicious!"

  • What is Emily's opinion?


    Start with Emily's opinion. Does she like reading or not?

    Which coordinating conjunction joins the opinion with the reasons?

    Emily likes reading. Find three supporting reasons for this.


    "I love reading because stories take me to new places, fill me with joy and help me learn."

    Here we can see Emily's opinion (I love reading), the coordinating conjunction because linking the opinion and reasons and then the supporting reasons for her opinion (stories take me to new places, fill me with joy and help me learn).