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The Common Cold

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Basics on the topic The Common Cold

Today we're going to talk about things that are so small they can be found on the metro, on the bench at the park, on a shopping cart at the store, and even lurk inside your body without you being able to see them! We're talking about viruses that cause the common cold. But wait, don't worry! There are hygiene practices that you can do to protect yourself and others from getting the common cold. Find out more in this video!

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1 comment
  1. It was a good vid

    From Aria, about 1 year ago

The Common Cold exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video The Common Cold.
  • What are some of the symptoms of the common cold?


    If the symptom is a headache, whereabouts on Kay's body would he feel that?

    Where in your body would you feel a sore throat?

    What usually comes out from your nose when you have a cold?

    • He has a headache in his head.
    • He has a sore throat in his throat.
    • He has mucus coming out of his nose.
    • He feels cold.
  • What should Zuri do?


    What could Zuri put over her nose and mouth to help protect others?

    What could Zuri do with her hands to keep them clean?

    If Zuri needs to sneeze, where should she do it?


    To stop the spread of Zuri's cold she can:

    • wear a mask.
    • wash or disinfect her hands.
    • sneeze into her elbow.
    All of these things will help protect those around her.

  • Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.


    Wearing a mask, sneezing into your sleeve, and washing your hands are good hygiene practices.

    Treatment options for the common cold include drinking fluids, getting rest and eating foods with vitamins and nutrients.


    When Yeti goes shopping he should wear a mask.

    He can hope to recover in 9-10 days.

    To feel better he will need plenty of rest. Medicine might help him feel better.

    He can also eat foods that have lots of vitamins and nutrients.

  • Can you find the definitions?


    The immune system helps to fight off invaders like the common cold virus.

    Microscopic viruses that make us ill can only be seen through a microscope.


    Signs of illness - symptoms

    Protects our body from becoming ill - the immune system

    They are microscopic but can make us ill - viruses

    A tool that can make tiny viruses visible - microscope

  • Which are symptoms of the common cold?


    When you catch the common cold virus, in the beginning you might feel a little cold.

    When you have a cold, your head might ache.


    Some of the symptoms Zoya might have are:

    • feeling cold
    • headache
    These are typical symptoms of a common cold.

  • Highlight the errors in the statements below.


    Viruses are very small and cannot be seen without a special tool.

    You might experience a variety of symptoms when you are ill, but there are some that are specifically associated with the common cold.

    If we are feeling unwell, it is a good idea to rest.


    The answers in bold are incorrect and should have been highlighted. The ones in (brackets) are correct.

    1. The common cold is caused by a kind of bacteria (virus).
    2. Viruses can be seen through a telescope (microscope).
    3. If you catch a cold you might have a (headache) and a (cough). You would also have itchy skin (not a common symptom of a cold).
    4. To get better you should run (rest) and (drink lots).