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Forest Animals

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Basics on the topic Forest Animals

Join Newton and find out more about animals that live in the forest.

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  1. This one was cool

    From Kanni, 8 months ago

Forest Animals exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Forest Animals.
  • Which of these animals lives in a colony?


    Colonies are communities where a group of animals live.

    Which of these animals works in a group together with different responsibilities, such as nest building and collection of food?


    Wood ants live together in colonies.

  • What tasks do worker ants do?


    Remember, the queen ant in a colony is the only one to lay eggs.

    Only two of these jobs are not done by the worker ants!


    Worker ants are responsible for:

    • building nests
    • collecting food
    • defence
    • child care
    Eggs are laid by the queen ant and ants don't knock holes in trees; woodpeckers do!

  • What do we call the young of these animals?


    One of the names for a baby animal is a piglet. Which of the animals looks similar to a pig?

    Once the baby of this animal hatches from its egg, it is called a larva. Which of the animals here lays eggs?


    The animals each have a special name for their young.

    • The name for a baby deer is a fawn.
    • The name for a baby ant is a larva.
    • The name for a baby woodpecker is a fledgling.
    • The name for a baby wild boar is a piglet.
  • What do these animals eat?


    Remember, insects are considered other animals too.

    If an animal is an omnivore (eats meat and plants), they still would be considered an animal that eats animals.

    Just one animal here eats only plants


    While many animals like the boar and the ant do eat plants, deer are the only animal that we learnt about today that eat only plants.

  • What are the names of these forest animals?


    Remember, a piglet is the name of a baby animal, not the name of the adult animal.

    Though spiders can live in the forest, can you see one here?

    We might not be able to see all of the animals but think about where they live.


    You can see all of the correct answers in the picture here! The wild boar, deer, woodpecker and wood ant are all animals we learnt about today in the forest.

  • Which animal could it be?


    Think about what the mystery animal eats, is it a:

    • carnivore - meat eater
    • omnivore - eats both meat and plants
    • herbivore - eats only plants

    Can you remember what the young of each of these animals are called? Which animal has young called fawns?


    The animal described is a deer!


    • are shy
    • listen with their large ears
    • eat grass and shrubs
    • have young called fawns