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Fire: Warmth and Light

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Basics on the topic Fire: Warmth and Light

Fire can be used for many different purposes. Join Uma and find out how fire has been used through the ages. Make observations and think about how it can be used for heat and light.


Fire: Warmth and Light exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Fire: Warmth and Light.
  • When did humans first use fire?


    First, eliminate or cross out all answers you know are NOT correct.

    What's left?

    Humans have used fire for a very long time.

    Which answer is furthest back in time?


    Humans first discovered and used fire in the Stone Age.

    At first people were afraid of fire, but soon they learned that fire is useful.

  • Fire: Past vs. Present


    Each photo showing how fire was used in the past, should be matched with a partner for how the fire is used today.

    Think about the different ways fire can be used. For example, we use fire for light.

    Which two photos represent light?

    Fire can be dangerous.

    Can you match the two photos that show:

    1. How we control dangerous fires today; and
    2. How humans managed dangerous fires in the past?


    Fire is used for light. In the past, humans lit their homes with candles. Today, we use the fire in electricity for lightbulbs and lamps.

    Fire is used for cooking. In the middle ages, people had small fires in their homes. Today, we use ovens and hobs to cook our food.

    Fire is dangerous. Today, fires are put out by firefighters. In the past, people worked together to put out the fire with buckets of water.

    Fire is also used for heat. In the stone age, people sheltered around campfires to stay warm. Today, we use fireplaces, radiators and electric heaters for warmth.

  • Do you know the ways people use fire?


    This picture shows a social gathering.

    It's when a group of people meet. They talk, dance or spend time together.

    This is an example of food preparation.

    Food preparation is another word for cooking.

    A tiger is a predator. A predator hunts other creatures for food.

    Protection from predators means safety from dangerous animals like tigers.


    The images of social gatherings are the people dancing and the children.

    The food preparation images are the BBQ and the meat on a stick.

    The images of light and warmth are the candle and the fireplace.

    The images of protection from predators are the bear and the eyes in the bushes.

  • The history of fire.


    At first, the people of the stone age were afraid of fire.

    Can you find the photo that shows fear? This image goes first.

    What was the most recent thing that fire was used for? This is the last thing that happened and should be in the last position.

    Before people used fire for warmth, light, food and protection, they had to make their own fire.

    They used twigs and a fire pit to do this.


    1. At first, the cavemen were afraid of fire and ran away.

    2. Once they were no longer afraid, they became curious about how they could use fire for themselves.

    3. Next, they started their own campfires with sticks and logs.

    4. Finally, they used fire for warmth, light, protection and social gatherings.

  • How was fire used?


    A predator is an animal that hunts other creatures - or humans - for food.

    What's that in the bushes?

    People use fire for social gatherings. Which word in the bank has the same meaning as social gathering?

    Look closely at what the people are holding in the picture.


    From top left to bottom right:

    • Warmth
    • Cooking
    • Meeting place
    • Protection from predators
    • Light
  • Let's review!


    This is a photo of the Middle Ages. Look carefully at how they are using fire to help you fill in the blanks!

    There were no firefighters in the Middle Ages. Instead, people kept watch at night and called out if they saw a fire.

    What were these people called? Look at all the words in the word bank below.

    1. Stone Age
    2. Protection from predators
    3. Middle Ages
    4. Watchmen
    5. Light
    6. Prepare food
    7. Heat