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The Weather

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Basics on the topic The Weather

The weather. Oh, look Uma is outside! It's raining... It's snowing... the sun is shining... The weather can be quite different, but what is weather, and where does it come from anyways? Weather is created when the sun, water, and air work together. Since the earth is round, the sun's rays strike the earth differently in different places. Find out about weather in this video!


The Weather exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video The Weather.
  • What three things work together to make weather?


    Clouds are a type of weather but don't necessarily contribute to creating all weather.

    Use this diagram to help remember the three things that make the weather.


    Weather is created when the sun, water and air interact with each other. Depending on the interaction, it can change the type of weather that is produced!

  • Find types of precipitation.


    Precipitation happens when water falls from clouds.

    There are three types of precipitation listed.


    Rain, snow and hail are all forms of water falling from clouds. The technical term for this water that falls from clouds is precipitation.

  • What are weather traits?


    This trait of moving air can uproot a tree if it is strong enough!

    This device uses celsius to measure how hot or cold it is.


    Here are all the weather traits!

    Temperature: how hot or cold it is; measured in degrees celsius.

    Humidity: the measure of water vapour in the air.

    Precipitation: water that falls from clouds including rain, hail and snow.

    Air Pressure: can be high or low and is measured using a barometer.

    Wind: moving air.

  • Which tools measure which weather trait?


    A weather station might use all of these tools to measure weather but it is not a weather measuring tool itself.

    The type of weather measured might be in the name of the tool itself!


    Here are all the correct matches!

    A thermometer measures temperature.

    A hygrometer measures humidity.

    A rain gauge measures precipitation.

    An anemometer measures wind speed.

    A barometer measures air pressure.

  • What is the correct name of this location?


    The stations described watch out for more than just precipitation.

    All of the occurrences that these stations look out for are weather occurrences.


    Weather stations measure temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind, and air pressure globally to predict the weather and keep people safe around the world.

  • What do we call the types of clouds?


    Cirrus clouds are said to look like feathers!

    Cumulonimbus clouds are dark clouds that show a storm is coming.


    Here are the types of clouds.