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The Clouds and the Weather

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Basics on the topic The Clouds and the Weather

Join Uma and learn all about how clouds are formed and what different types of clouds mean.

The Clouds and the Weather exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video The Clouds and the Weather.
  • How do clouds form?


    A source is where something is obtained from. Can you obtain water in all of the options above?

    Remember that we can find the sources in nature.

    There are three correct answers.


    The different sources of water that form clouds when the water vapour from them cools are:

    • seas
    • rivers
    • plants
    They are all natural water sources we can find around us.

  • What three things are needed for a cloud to form?


    What sort of temperature does a cloud form in? Warm or cool air?

    What do clouds gather around to form?


    The three components needed to form a cloud are:

    • water vapour
    • cool air
    • dust particles
  • Which of Uma's weather reports correctly describes the cloud shown?


    The cloud shown is dark, stormy and large enough to fill the sky. That means that it is a thunderstorm or cumulonimbus cloud.

    Remember to think about the different properties of clouds.

    Which report best matches the properties from hint 1?


    It's a cool day with lots of wind. It is very dark and it looks like a storm is brewing. The sky is full of lots of clouds.

    This weather report best describes the thunderstorm clouds which can be seen in the image. We know this because she describes the correct properties associated with this cloud type:

    • dark
    • storm
    • sky full of clouds
  • What do you know about clouds?


    Opaque means you can't see through something. Which word means you can see through something?

    If there are fewer water droplets in a cloud, the sunlight can shine through and the cloud looks white.

    If there are more water droplets in a cloud, it can't shine through as easily and the cloud looks dark.


    Clouds are made of tiny water droplets and see-through or transparent air.

    If a cloud has fewer water droplets the sun can easily shine through it. The sunlight reflects the water droplets and it looks like the cloud is white.

    The darker the cloud the more raindrops are in it.

  • What type of clouds is Uma reporting about?


    The clouds look fluffy and a bit like sheep!

    Look at the different clouds. Which ones look most like the ones in Uma's forecast?


    Uma is reporting about cumulus clouds. We know this because the image of the clouds shows mid-level clouds whose shape have clear edges and look like sheep.

  • What are the properties of the different types of clouds?


    Use these pictures to see what each type of cloud looks like.

    Remember, thunderstorm or cumulonimbus clouds are dark and can cover the whole sky.

    Stratus clouds can look like layered blankets and are often grey in colour.


    Cirrus clouds

    • High in the sky.
    • Expansive and not confined.
    Cumulus clouds
    • Mid-level clouds.
    • Individually shaped with clear edges.
    Stratus clouds
    • Low-laying clouds.
    • Grey in colour.
    Cumulonimbus clouds
    • Very dark in colour.
    • Also known as thunderstorm clouds.