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Electricity in Everyday Life

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Basics on the topic Electricity in Everyday Life

We use electricity everyday, in fact you are using it right now! But where does it come from? Join Uma and learn more about electricity in everyday life.


Electricity in Everyday Life exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Electricity in Everyday Life.
  • Where is electricity mainly generated?


    There is only one correct answer.

    A light bulb uses electricity but it doesn't generate it.

    A plug needs an energy source to provide power.


    Electricity is mainly generated from power stations.

  • Which items use electricity?


    Do you plug the item in?

    Does it make things hotter, cook things or keep things cool?

    There are 5 correct options.


    From the highlightable objects, the ones that use electricity are:

    • Microwave
    • Toaster
    • Kettle
    • Fridge
    • Oven

  • What are some ways to stay safe around electricity?


    Stay away from wet or defective electrical devices because they can shock you.

    Keep your distance from high voltage places such as overhead lines near railway tracks because they can electrocute you.


    These are some ways to stay safe around electricity.

  • How does electricity flow to your house?


    Think about where power is generated before coming to your home.

    What does the electricity travel on to reach your home?

    Where do we plug things in? This is the final step.


    Electricity is generated from raw and natural materials in the power plant, flows through power grids and overhead lines to electricity meters, and into the power outlets of homes.

  • Name the sources of electricity.


    Which of the pictures shows something that moves in the wind?

    Which of the pictures shows something that absorbs the sun? You may see them on roofs of buildings.


    Electricity is generated from raw materials including coal and gas, and natural materials including wind, water, solar and nuclear energies.

  • Raw material or natural material?


    Can wind be burned?

    Solar power comes from the sun.

    There are two raw materials that can be burned and four natural materials.


    Electricity is generated from raw and natural materials that come from the Earth. Raw materials are fuels that are burned, such as coal and gas.

    Natural materials are clean sources of energy generation, such as wind, water, solar power and nuclear power.