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What Do I Need Media for?

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Basics on the topic What Do I Need Media for?

Find out more about what we need media for.

Transcript What Do I Need Media for?

What do I need media for? Karla is watching a video about the fastest snail in the world. It's said that the mud snail can travel over four miles per hour. Wondering if that's true? We can use media to find out! Imagine you are writing a fact file on the mud snail. Where would you look for information? Karla went to the library and borrowed an encyclopaedia about snails. She also searches the Internet for pictures and texts about mud snails. Look, here is a website about mudflats, or muddy tidal areas. It says that the snail can hold on to the water surface. At high tide, it surfs for miles like this. In an animal magazine, it says that the mud snail is only so fast because it attaches itself to the water. There you can also read that it is a very small snail. It does not grow larger than six millimetres. See, it pays to research a topic in different media. But always ask yourself: where did this information come from? Think about: who wrote the text, published the photo or put the video online? We also call this source research since not everyone is a snail expert. For example, this website says that mud snails can grow as big as whales. However, let's scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the fine print where it says who published the website. This isn't true! The website is run by Joe King. He makes jokes. So Karla better not use this source for the paper! Media is important because it gives us information. We need media to inform us. What else do we need media for? For example, when we try out a new game, solve a puzzle in a magazine or listen to music then media is entertainment to us. That is why you hear media are also called entertainment media. You can use it in your free time. However, try not to hole up in your room all day and forget everything around you. Be sure to schedule set media times. But the media also has a third, very important role and that is to shape public opinion. If you have access to different media, you can also form your own opinion. Listening to different opinions is important when forming your own opinion. Since media is used for: information, entertainment and shaping public opinion, criticism of the media is particularly important. What does that mean? It means you should look at different media and compare. Don't believe everything you see or read immediately. Question it if something seems strange to you. Always pay attention to who published or shared the information and how other media outlets are reporting on the issue. Then you'll become a real media professional!

  1. It really teaches you a lot of stuff

    From Maddison, 8 months ago
  2. It really teaches you a lot of stuff

    From Brian ovich, 8 months ago

What Do I Need Media for? exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video What Do I Need Media for?.
  • Find the different types of media below.


    Information books are a type of media.

    The internet containing websites is one type of media.

    There are three correct answers.


    Different types of media provide different types of information.
    Magazines, encyclopedias and the internet are examples of types of media.

  • Identify the questions to ask when sourcing research.


    It is important to ask questions about information we find online.

    Knowing who published a photo or uploaded a video online is an important way to source information.

    There are four correct answers.


    When sourcing research, you should always ask yourself:

    • Where did the information come from?
    • Who wrote the text?
    • Who published the photo?
    • Who put the video online?

  • How should media be used?


    Which picture shows media that tells us information?

    Which media shows people sharing ideas to shape public opinion?

    The girl is happy and safe on her tablet because she is using media responsibly.


    Media is important because it informs us, it provides us with entertainment and it helps shape public opinion. Always remember to use media responsibly.

  • How do you criticise the media?


    It is important to ask questions.

    It is important to compare sources of information.


    What Media Does (should have been highlighted in green)

    • Media provides information.
    • Media provides entertainment.
    • Media helps shape public opinion.

    How to Criticise the Media (should have been highlighted in blue)

    • Compare different media types.
    • Don't believe everything you see or read immediately.
    • Question information if it seems strange to you.
    • Pay attention to who published or shared the information.
    • Pay attention to how other media outlets are reporting on the issue.

  • How can you use media?


    There are different types of media.

    Media is used to help shape public opinion because people can share different ideas.

    Although tablets can be used for entertainment, the one above is displaying an informative article.


    You can use media for information, entertainment and to help shape public opinion.

  • What is the purpose of media?


    Different types of media give us different points of view. Some inform us such as books, and some aim to shape public opinion such as the news.

    Music and online videos are different types of media that entertain us. Games can also provide entertainment.

    Chatting with someone else can help shape opinions.


    The purpose of media is to share information, provide entertainment and to shape public opinion.