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Road Safety: Appropriate Clothing in the Dark

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Basics on the topic Road Safety: Appropriate Clothing in the Dark

It is always important to keep yourself safe and there are many things you can do in order to stay safe. Today we will learn about keeping ourselves safe in the dark thinking about the best clothes to wear and about road safety too.

Transcript Road Safety: Appropriate Clothing in the Dark

Mio is on a night time walk. "There he is! But it's hard to see him in the dark." This can be quite dangerous in road traffic. But how can we see Mio BETTER? "Let's find out by learning: Road Safety: Appropriate Clothing in the Dark." Here we see what Mio has in his wardrobe. There are three different outfit combinations. Which one will help us SEE Mio in the dark best? Can you help Mio? If you still need time to think, click on the pause button. Mio chooses bright clothing, a white tee-shirt and light green trousers. In addition, a high-vis safety jacket with a hat and trainers that each have reflectors on them. Maybe you've seen reflectors on a backpack. Mio has reflectors on the front of the hat, on the side of his shoes, and even on the backpack that he takes for his walk, so he is seen from behind. Can we see Mio in the dark now? Well done Mio! We can see him much more easily with his bright clothes! Bright clothing and reflectors are not the only ways to practice road safety. Always pay attention to the behaviour of others. Be careful so that you can react quickly to danger. It is best to cross the road near a street light when it's dark. Parked vehicles can block your view of the road. And not only that: you are no longer visible to others. Let's take a look at some colours, so we can see how important it is to wear bright clothing in the dark! Here is a dark background with white blobs. Now, let's change the colour of the blobs starting with black. What do you notice? There is no longer any difference to the background. The colour does not stand out. Actually it fits into the background. This is similar to wearing black clothing in the dark. How about a colour that's lighter than black? For example, brown? THIS blob doesn't really stand out very well either. Let's try an even lighter colour. For example, yellow. Oh look how the yellow shines and stands out from the other colours! Try it out yourself! Now you know how important bright colours are in the dark. Before we look at how Mio's night time walk is going, let's summarise what you learnt today. You know that you should always wear bright clothes in the dark with reflectors on different pieces AND on your backpack. If you have a high-vis safety jacket, you can be seen even more easily. Always pay attention to where you cross the road in the dark. It's best to cross near a street light and not between parked cars. Let's see how Mio is doing now! Oh Mio, now EVERYONE can see you!


Road Safety: Appropriate Clothing in the Dark exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Road Safety: Appropriate Clothing in the Dark.
  • What is best to wear when walking outside at night?


    What will make you be seen most easily and keep you most safe?

    The best clothes to be seen in the dark of night have colours that are bright!


    The correct statement is bright, colourful clothing. This helps drivers see you while walking at night and is the best choice to wear.

  • Which clothing is best to wear on a walk at night?


    Darker coloured clothing will make it harder to be seen at night, so we want to avoid choosing that for a walk at night.

    Brightly coloured clothing will make us more visible to others.

    There are 5 clothing items that are good to wear and be seen while walking at night.


    This image shows that the clothing items that are good choices are all brightly coloured. That way, you are more easily visible to cars while you are out walking.

  • How to stay safe whilst out walking.


    A safer place to cross a road would be where there are street lamps and zebra crossings or traffic lights.

    Yellow, green, or other bright colours help us to be seen in the dark.


    Take a look at the matching answers.

    • Wearing brightly coloured clothing helps others see us while we are walking.
    • Crossing the street at safe, well-lit areas ensures we are most likely to be seen by traffic.
    • Avoiding parked cars allows us to be more visible and not have our view blocked by those cars.
    • Finally, when we pay attention to the behaviour of others, we are more able to see if traffic is coming.

  • Which are good ways to stay safe?


    Remember, dark clothes make it harder to be seen.

    Well lit areas help you to be seen. Dark areas make it harder to be seen.


    Safe practices include:

    • Wear bright and colouful clothing.
    • Wear reflective items.
    • Use well lit zebra cossings.
    • Pay attention to the behaviour of others.
    • Avoid parked cars when crossing roads.

    Unsafe practices: include

    • Wear dark clothing.
    • Don't pay attention to surroundings.
    • Cross roads that are poorly lit.

  • Which is the best outfit to wear when walking at night?


    Ask yourself the question: Which outfit will help me be most visible?

    Reflective stripes help you to be seen better in the dark!


    The image pictured here is the best outfit to wear for Mio's walk at night. It is full of bright colours and reflective strips to help make Mio more visible to others.

  • In which scenario is Mio being the safest?


    Though it can be fun, music can be distracting to us when out for a walk.

    Clothing that makes us visible is an important way to keep safe when walking outside at night!


    The safest scenario is: On Mio's walk, he is wearing bright clothing. Mio goes to traffic lights to cross and looks both ways before crossing.