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Fire Safety Measures

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Basics on the topic Fire Safety Measures

Join Uma and learn how to keep safe in case of fire.

Fire Safety Measures exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Fire Safety Measures.
  • Fire safety in a room.


    Heat and smoke rise up within a room.

    Is it safer to be high up or lower down in a smoky room?


    If a room is on fire it's best to crawl out of the room to avoid the heat and smoke.

  • Safety.


    If your clothes are on fire, you can put out the flames by rolling on the ground.


    If you or your clothes catch fire the first thing you should do is stop, drop and roll. Doing this can safely put the fire out on your clothes.

  • Fire safety at school.


    Look carefully to see what the images are showing you to do.

    Should you go to the meeting spot alone or with adults?

    What does this symbol mean?


    If there is a fire at school you should:

    • Follow the fire procedure
    • Listen to directions from adults
    • Go together to the assembly point

  • Uma forgot her stuffed animal.


    Smoke can make it difficult to breathe and can even cause suffocation. Is it safe for Uma to go back?

    You should never return to a room or building where there is smoke or flames.


    No. Uma should not go back for her stuffed animal even if it is important to her because smoke can be dangerous to your health. It is also possible that a fire could break out.

  • Fire in a public building.


    The sign will show you which direction to go in to find the way out of the building.

    The word exit means to leave.


    Follow the fire exit signs, as shown here, to find the fastest way out of the building.

  • Fire safety signs.


    This sign shows you where to meet once you've exited a building.

    This sign shows you the way to exit the building in case of a fire.

    This sign shows you that a fire safety tool is nearby.

    This sign shows you who to contact in case of a fire.

    This sign shows you how to sound the alarm in case of a fire.


    1 = Fire assembly point. This image shows arrows directing to one point with people in the centre.

    2 = Fire exit. This image shows a person running towards an open door.

    3 = Fire extinguisher nearby. This image shows a fire extinguisher.

    4 = Call 999. This image shows a phone that you can call 999 on.

    5 = Fire alarm. This image shows a fire alarm that you can set off if there is a fire.

    6 = Fire blanket. This image shows a person putting out a fire with a fire blanket.