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What is a Ratio? (Using Ratio Language)

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Learning text on the topic What is a Ratio? (Using Ratio Language)

Understanding Ratios

Ratios are a fundamental part of maths and are used in many different areas, including cooking, map reading and even in your favourite video games. If you're curious about how ratios are everywhere in our lives, you're in the right place! Let's explore what ratios are, the terminology used with them and how we can understand them better. Get ready to dive into the world of ratios!

What is a Ratio?

A ratio is a way to compare two quantities by showing how many times one value contains the other. It tells us about the relative size of two quantities. Think of it like a fruit salad - if a bowl has 2 strawberries and 1 raspberry, we can say the ratio of strawberries to raspberries is 2:1.

Key Terms in Ratios

Here are some important terms you'll come across when learning about ratios:

Term Definition
Antecedent The first number in a ratio
Consequent The second number in a ratio
Equivalent Ratios Different ratios that express the same relationship
Proportion An equation stating that two ratios are equal

Examples of Ratios

If a bag has 6 red marbles and 4 blue marbles, the ratio of red to blue marbles is 6:4.


In a classroom with 10 girls and 15 boys, the ratio of girls to boys is 10:15.


Ratio Language – Different Expressions

Ratios can be expressed in different ways:

  • As a fraction: $\frac{1}{2}$
  • Using a colon: 1:2
  • With the word 'to': 1 to 2

All these expressions mean the same thing - for every 1 of the first quantity, there are 2 of the second quantity.


Ratio– Application

Answer these questions to test your understanding of ratios and the terms used in ratios.

What is a ratio?
How can you express a ratio?
What does a ratio of 4:1 mean?
Are the ratios 10:15 and 2:3 equivalent?

What is a Ratio?– Summary

Key Learnings from this Text:

  • A ratio is a comparison of two quantities.

  • Ratios can be written in different forms but mean the same thing.

  • Understanding the terms like antecedent, consequent, equivalent ratios and proportion is important.

  • Ratios are used in everyday life in various ways.

Keep practising with ratios in different scenarios to strengthen your understanding. Make sure you are using the ratio terminology that you have learnt about today and remember, ratios are not just numbers; they are a way to understand the world around us! For more, have a look at What is a Proportional Relationship?

What is a Ratio? – Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a ratio?
How do you write a ratio?
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Are ratios the same as fractions?
What are equivalent ratios?
Can ratios be simplified?
How do you find an equivalent ratio?
Why are ratios important?
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How are ratios used in real life?

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