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First, next, then

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Basics on the topic First, next, then

In this video, Zuri and Freddie are preparing for a picnic. They need to make sure they do everything in the correct order. Let’s join them to learn all about their sequence of events.

What is the sequence of events?

Everyday we complete a number of different activities such as getting up, getting dressed and having breakfast. We can call this our routine. It is important to do some things in a correct order or sequence, for example getting dressed. We need to follow a first, next, then pattern.

Zuri has already put her t-shirt and jacket on and now needs to get ready to go outside.

  • First she puts her socks on.
  • Next she puts her shoes on.
  • Then she is ready to go outside!

25350_SEO_line15.svg Here we can see Zuri’s sequence of events with pictures.

First, next, then, finally

Zuri and Freddie now need to make some sandwiches for the picnic. They are going to follow Zuri’s grandma’s famous sandwich recipe! It says:

  • First, butter the bread.
  • Next, put the filling in.
  • Then put the other slice of bread on top.


Finally the sandwich is ready and Zuri and Freddie can go to their picnic spot.

Summary- First, then, next

Today we learnt all about a sequence of events and doing things in the correct order. It is important to do some things in the correct order to make sure we get the correct end result. For example, when we are getting dressed, we must put our t-shirt on first and then put our jacket on.


Sequence of events worksheet

For further practise, have a look at our first, then, next, finally worksheet and interactive exercises where you can picture sequence of events and learn more about order and time words.

First, next, then exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video First, next, then.
  • How do you make a sandwich?


    What do we start our sandwich with before anything else is added? Even before the butter is spread?

    Do we spread the butter first or add the filling first?

    The finished sandwich will come last.


    Here is the correct order:

    1. First, get the bread.
    2. Next, butter the bread.
    3. Then, add the filling.
    4. Finally, put the other slice of bread on top.

  • In which order is the gingerbread man decorated?


    What will the gingerbread man look like first, before Freddie starts decorating?

    Next, he will add something but it won't be finished yet.

    Then there will be a complete gingerbread man.

    1. First, Freddie will start with a plain gingerbread man.
    2. Next, Freddie will add buttons to the gingerbread man.
    3. Then, Freddie will add a face to the gingerbread man.
  • Which is the correct order?


    Have a look at all of the images. If Freddie has something on in the first picture, then he must also still have that on in the second picture.

    For example:

    • In the first image, Zuri has just her socks on.
    • In the next image, Zuri has her socks and boots on.
    • Then, Zuri has her socks, boots and cap on.


    Here is the correct sequence:

    • First, Freddie put his hat on.
    • Next, Freddie has his hat and scarf on.
    • Then, Freddie has his hat, scarf and gloves on.

  • Can you sequence the pictures?


    Look at the numbers next to each word to help you with the order.

    What would we need to start wrapping the present? This is the first step.

    How would the present look when it is all wrapped?


    Here we can see the correct order.

    1. First, Zuri would need to start with the present, the wrapping paper, the scissors and the tape.
    2. Next, she would need to cut the paper to the right size.
    3. Then she would wrap the present.
    4. Finally, she would add the bow.

  • What comes first?


    What is the first thing that we have to do in our day before we can then do anything else?

    Where are we when we wake up? What do we have to do before we can do anything else in our day?


    The first thing Zuri does is get out of bed.

  • Can you sort the steps for baking a cake?


    What do we need to do first?

    Before you start baking, you first need to gather the ingredients and equipment.

    Next, you need to weigh out the ingredients then you can mix them together.

    When it is mixed, what needs to happen next before there is a finished cake?


    Here are the steps correctly ordered.

    1. Gather the ingredients and equipment.
    2. Weigh out the ingredients.
    3. Mix the ingredients together.
    4. Put the mixture in the oven.
    5. The cake is finished.