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Similarities and Differences of Non-fiction Text

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Basics on the topic Similarities and Differences of Non-fiction Text

Join Pearl and Otis and learn about comparing and contrasting non-fiction texts.

Transcript Similarities and Differences of Non-fiction Text

"Pearl, today's the day. We're going to finally choose our next holiday!" "After reorganising your entire sea urchin collection, I'm more than ready!" Let's help Otis and Pearl choose a location by finding similarities and differences of non-fiction Texts. A non-fiction text tells you real and true information about a certain topic. A topic is what the text is about. When you compare and contrast in reading, you are looking for things that are the same and things that are different. Let's look at these illustrations and compare and contrast them! What is the same? Take your time to look at each picture. We can see that both illustrations have a blue sky and clouds. Now, what is different? Take your time to look at each picture. We can see that this illustration has birds and this illustration has an apple tree. Otis and Pearl have two texts on the same topic, countries where they want to go on holiday. Let's read Otis' text first and then compare and contrast it with Pearl's. The first text says, 'Peru has rainforests, beaches, deserts and mountains. You can ride a llama up Rainbow Mountain. Mostly everyone speaks Spanish.' The second text says, 'Mexico has beaches, deserts, rainforests and mountains. Most people speak Spanish. There are pyramids you can explore.' We can compare and contrast the similarities and differences between Peru and Mexico using a venn diagram. What are the similarities between Peru and Mexico? We always write similarities here in a Venn diagram because this space is shared by both sides. They both have beaches, mountains, deserts, rainforests and most people speak Spanish. Now let's look at the differences between the two countries. We can write the differences between Peru here and Mexico here. Peru has llamas and Rainbow mountain and Mexico has pyramids. Before we see which country Pearl and Otis choose, let's review. Remember, we can compare and contrast texts about the same topic to find what's the same or what's different! You can do this by using an organiser like a Venn diagram to help compare the similarities and differences. "Peru is so beautiful!" "I know! Alright, llama let’s go!"