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Reading from Left to Right

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Basics on the topic Reading from Left to Right

Join Dee and Kala and learn all about how we read from left to right.


Reading from Left to Right exercise

Would you like to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt? You can review and practice it with the tasks for the video Reading from Left to Right.
  • Which hand is which?


    Are you left handed or right handed? Which hand do you write with?

    If you hold up your hands, palms facing away from you, you can see an L shape in your left hand.


    Here we can see the correctly labelled hands.

  • How do we read books in English?


    This is an open book. Which side would we start reading on?

    You can use your hands to help you remember which is left and which is right.


    In English, we read books from left to right.

  • Where do we start reading?


    We should start reading on the left.

    We should start reading at the beginning of the first line of writing on a page.


    We always start reading on the left, at the beginning of the first line of writing on a page.

  • Can you label these parts of a book?


    Where is the front of the book and where is the back?

    The spine holds the book together.

    The title is what the book is called.

    We turn the pages when we read.


    Here we can see the book labelled correctly.

  • Which book is ready to read?


    When looking at the front cover, the spine should be on the left.

    Is the writing the right way round?


    This book is ready to read. We can see the spine on the left and the writing is the right way round.

  • What is the first word that we would read?


    We start reading in the top left corner.

    The first word in a sentence always starts with a capital letter.


    This is the first word we would say if we were reading this book.