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Identifying an Opinion or Fact— Let's Practise!

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Basics on the topic Identifying an Opinion or Fact— Let's Practise!

Join Goopaw and practise identifying facts and opinions.


Identifying an Opinion or Fact— Let's Practise! exercise

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  • Can you define opinions and facts?


    Opinions are statements that reflect personal feelings, beliefs, or preferences and may vary from person to person.

    Opinions are when people share what they like, don't like, or think is good or bad.

    It's about saying what you prefer or enjoy.

    Facts are information that we can measure or know for sure.

    They are not opinions, and they help us learn about things in a clear and specific way.


    A fact is a piece of information that is true and can be proven by research.

    An opinion is how a person feels or thinks about something.

  • Is this a fact or an opinion?


    Facts are true statements that can be proved.

    An opinion is about peoples likes, dislikes and preferences.

    If a sentence begins with I like, I don't like or I love, it is likely to be an opinion.


    I love pink tulips because they look so pretty.

    This is an opinion.

  • Can you identify the facts and the opinions?


    An opinion reflects personal preference.

    A fact is something we can measure, like using numbers, and it always stays the same way.


    The facts are:

    • The earth revolves around the sun.
    • Water freezes at 0°C.
    The opinions are:

    • Summer is the most enjoyable season.
    • Vanilla ice cream is the best flavour.
  • Is this a fact or an opinion?


    Facts provide information that doesn't change.

    Water always gets very hot and starts bubbling when it is heated to 100°C.

    Opinions often include words like think, believe, or like.

    They are personal feelings or preferences that can vary from person to person.


    The facts are:

    • Water boils at 100°C.
    • Butterflies start as tiny eggs, turn into caterpillars, and then become butterflies.
    The opinions are:

    • I think puppies are the best pets because they are so friendly.
    • My favourite colour of flowers is yellow because it's so bright and happy.
  • Is this a fact or an opinion?


    Facts are things that are real and true.

    Opinions are what someone thinks or feels.


    The sentence is an opinion because you can agree or disagree with this sentence.

  • Can you identify the facts and the opinions?


    Facts are often things we can learn from science or observe in the world around us.

    Opinions often involve expressions of liking or disliking something, or valuing one thing over another.


    Facts about animals are:

    • Birds can fly because they have wings.
    • Elephants are the largest land animals.
    • Dolphins live in the ocean.

    Opinions about animals are:

    • Penguins are the best birds.
    • Dogs are better than cats.
    • I believe kittens are the cutest.