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Find the Missing Digraph — Let's Practise!

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Basics on the topic Find the Missing Digraph — Let's Practise!

Join Goopaw and see if you work out which digraph is needed to spell the different words.

Transcript Find the Missing Digraph — Let's Practise!

Goopaw says get ready to practise finding the missing digraph. Remember digraphs are two letters that make one sound. These words are missing a digraph but which one? Here is an example. Snail. Which digraph is missing? Ai or ao? Ai! A I makes the A sound in snail! Let's look at another one. Pie. Which digraph is missing? Oe or ie? Ie! I E makes the I sound in pie! Here is the next word. Leaf. Which digraph is missing? Ea or ai? Ea! E a makes the E sound in leaf! Here is the next example. Glue. Which digraph is missing? Ee or ue? Ue! U E makes the oo sound in glue! Here is the last word. Boat. Which digraph is missing? Oa or ea? Oa! O A makes the O sound in boat! Goopaw had so much fun practising with you today! See you next time!

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1 comment
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