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Decoding Using Greek & Latin Root Words

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Basics on the topic Decoding Using Greek & Latin Root Words

Many of our English words have Greek or Latin roots. Knowing what these Greek or Latin roots mean cab help us with understanding new or unfamiliar words and their meanings.

Transcript Decoding Using Greek & Latin Root Words

"Pip, stop! Let's figure out where these portals go first!" Let's help Pip and Koko understand the word parts above the portals by learning about words with Greek and Latin roots. Greek and Latin root words are the building blocks of many English words we use every day. There are many Greek and Latin root words that we use in English, but today we will focus on four of them: 'auto', 'bio', 'aqua' and 'bi'. First, let's look at the root 'auto'. The root 'auto' means self or same. Automatic, autobiography and autograph are words that contain 'auto'. Automatic is something that happens by itself. Autobiography is a book about your life, or yourself. Autograph is a signature that someone writes themselves. Now let's look at the root 'bio'. The root 'bio' means life. Words like biology, biography and biosphere contain the root 'bio'. Biology is the study of life and living organisms. Biography is a book someone writes about another person's life. Biosphere is the area around Earth where life exists. Let's move onto the root, 'aqua'. The root 'aqua' means water. Words like aquarium and aquatic contain the root 'aqua'. An aquarium is a tank of water where marine animals live. Aquatic means something that lives or grows in water. Finally, we have the root 'bi'. The root 'bi' means two. You can find the root 'bi' in words such as bicycle or bilingual. A bicycle is a vehicle with two wheels. Bilingual refers to a person who can speak two different languages. Can you think of any other words that include the root 'auto', 'bio', 'aqua' or 'bi'? If you can, share them in the comments below! "Ok, I feel confident about these portals now Pip! Which one should we go through?" "Let's go through the aqua portal!" While Koko and Pip travel through the aqua portal and see where they end up, let's review. Greek and Latin root words can help us understand many words we use in the English language today. Today we learned about the roots 'auto', 'bio', 'aqua' and 'bi'. Auto' means 'self or same'. Bio' means 'life'. Aqua' means 'water', and 'bi' means 'two'! "Well. I don't know what we were expecting to happen here, we are much bigger than fish!"