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What is Temperature?

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Learning text on the topic What is Temperature?

Temperature – Introduction

Welcome to our exciting journey into understanding temperature! Temperature is something we experience every day, whether it's feeling the warmth of the sun or noticing how chilly it gets in the evening. Maybe you have been on holiday to a hot country where the temperature was high or to a cold country where the temperature was low. But what exactly is temperature, and how do we measure it? In this text, we'll explore temperature in degrees Celsius (°C), and learn how higher readings mean warmer conditions, while lower ones indicate colder temperatures. We'll also understand how to read a thermometer accurately.


Understanding Temperature – Definition

Temperature is a measure of how hot or cold something is. It is measured in degrees Celsius (°C).


Remember, a higher temperature reading means that it's warmer, and a lower reading indicates that it's colder. Understanding how to read a thermometer is an important skill so we know what the temperature is.

Temperature – Example

Let's imagine it's a sunny day, and you want to find out the temperature. You take a thermometer and see that the line is at the number 25. This means it's 25 degrees Celsius outside, which is quite warm! It is likely to be summer.


Temperature – Guided Practice

Let's consider another scenario: It's a chilly morning, and you check the thermometer. You notice the line is at the number 5. What does this temperature tell us?

Temperature – Application

Now, try to solve this on your own: Your classroom feels a bit warm, and you check the thermometer. The line is halfway between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. What might the temperature be?

Temperature – Problem Solving

York Berlin Barcelona Cape Town
3°C 0°C 29°C
Barcelona is 15°C warmer than York. What temperature is it in Barcelona?
What is the difference between the warmest and coldest temperatures shown in the table?

Temperature – Summary

Key Learnings from this Text:

  • Temperature measures how hot or cold something is.
  • It is measured in degrees Celsius (°C).
  • A higher reading on a thermometer means warmer conditions.
  • A lower reading indicates colder conditions.
  • Reading a thermometer correctly is important for measuring temperature correctly.

If you're keen to learn more about temperature or other related topics, our website has an array of interactive practice problems, engaging videos and printable worksheets to further your understanding. You can check out resources on measures including Measuring in Centimetres and Volume and Capacity. Keep exploring and deepening your knowledge with us!

Temperature – Frequently Asked Questions

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